Is This You?

We help financial advisors improve productivity, increase profitability, optimize professional relationships, and enhance work-life balance.

Do any of the following situations sound familiar?

You are interested in forming a team – but not certain how to begin.   

You recognize it is time for your business to evolve with additional services and expertise.  Perhaps you are considering retirement in the next 5-10 years.  Or, maybe you have identified a potential partner and wish to evaluate the opportunity to form a team.

Could you benefit from guidance on how to successfully bring on a junior partner, merge two legacy practices, establish a strong foundation of productive teamwork, and/or initiate and implement a succession plan? 

Your team is hanging out in Dysfunction Junction. 

Perhaps you are struggling with some common difficulties faced by many teams:

  • You feel those who should be supporting your efforts are actually working against you.
  • Your team is a team in name only, and not truly operating as an integrated unit to serve your clients and run the business.
  • You’re struggling with miscommunication, issues around compensation, and/or an uneven division of labor.
  • You have team members who are underperforming and your frustration is in overdrive.
  • When it comes to your team, you’ve ‘lost that lovin’ feelin’.

Would you like help getting back on track from an experienced consultant who has spent over 20,000 hours working with financial advisor teams?

Your business is running you, rather than you running it.   

Does it seem to take longer to ‘get things done’ than it should?  Perhaps you find yourself spinning your wheels, reinventing the wheel, or feeling like the wheels are coming off as you run the day-to-day components of your business.

Your business has plateaued. Or worse yet, you are losing more business than you’ve acquired.  You may worry that your past success was the result of “luck” or “accident” — and potentially unsustainable.

Would you value support in creating a comprehensive, executable business plan that gets the results you desire?

My Clients Typically Have The Following Characteristics 

Committed to their clients, teams and strategic partners – and to doing what it takes to optimize those relationships.

Dissatisfied with the status quo.  They want different, better, more!

Open-minded to recommendations that can take their business to the next level.

Impatient.  They want different, better, more yesterday!

Ambitious and willing to invest their time and energy to become more productive and profitable.

Ethical, honest, and a credit to their profession.


Do you recognize yourself in the situations described above? 

Do you fit the profile I’ve outlined? 

Are you ready to get started on improving your business and your life?

 If you answered yes to all of the above and are ready to proceed:

Not ready to chat, but curious to learn more?






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