Succession Planning

Leave a Legacy That Benefits Your Clients, Your Successor and YOU!

Your practice is a direct reflection of you and your accomplishments throughout your career.

A well-conceived succession plan is essential for Financial Advisors who wish to profit from their business during retirement.

Our Four Pillars of Success programs are designed to position your business to be Replicable, Scaleable, Profitable,and Ultimately Sale-able. Ideally your legacy business provides a clear outline to successors of what they are buying, ensures continuity of care to your valued clients, and profits you during your transition years.

During the succession planning stage of a professional’s career we focus on three critical areas:  1) transition of relationships, 2) transition of knowledge, and 3) transition of of management of the business.

Please schedule a 30-minute conversation to explore the benefits of guidance and support from a coach and consultant that has worked with hundreds of advisors in the sunset of their careers.


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