Synergy Success Formula For Financial Advisors®

We help financial professionals improve productivity, increase profitability, optimize professional relationships, and enhance work-life balance.

Do any of the following describe your current situation?

  • Your practice has plateaued.
  • Or worse, you have recently lost more business than you’ve acquired.
  • You worry your success is the result of “luck” or “accident” — and potentially unsustainable.
  • You feel those who should be supporting your efforts are actually working against you.
  • It takes longer to just ‘get things done’ than it should.
  • You find yourself spinning your wheels, reinventing the wheel, or feeling like the wheels are coming off as you run the day-to-day components of your practice.

It is possible to DO better and BE Better and to:

  • Run a more successful practice,
  • Be more productive with your time,
  • Acquire more clients,
  • Generate more revenue,
  • Retain your most important clients, and
  • Improve your life-work balance.

The key to successfully meeting the demands of your professional and personal life – to be better without doing more – can be found in one solution:

 Run Your Practice Like A Business

 Not just any business, but

A Business That Is Replicable, Scalable, Profitable, And Ultimately Saleable

 To build your business to withstand the test of time — to make it replicable, scalable, profitable, and ultimately sale-able you will need 3 things:  People with Purpose, Productive Teamwork, and a Process-Driven Practice.

  1. People with Purpose = Team Members With A Shared Vision and Commitment to Success
  2. Productive Teamwork = Productive, Pleasant, and Professional Relationships – A Team That Is Greater Than The Sum of It’s Parts
  3. Process-Driven Practice = Optimization in Four Critical Areas of Your Business

 The Synergy Success Formula For Financial Advisors®

People With Purpose + Productive Teamwork + Process-Driven Practice



People With Purpose:  A Shared Vision and Commitment to Success.

The first step to accomplishing anything – including a better business and a better life – is getting clear on what it is you want.  Then get clear on what you’ll get as a result of your accomplishments.

I’m asking you to create a vision for your business and your life that is aspirational AND inspirational. Involve your team members, write out your vision, review it daily, and most importantly feel your success as though it has already occurred.

Productive Teamwork:  Productive, Pleasant and Professional Relationships – A Team That Is Greater Than The Sum of It’s Parts

Your next priority is to build your support network.  Recognize that none of us really, truly succeeds alone.  Therefore, it is imperative that you establish a foundation of strong relationships with anyone who directly impacts your business.

Your ability to foster clear, candid communication and a collaborative spirit with your firm, your team, your colleagues, and your strategic partners is especially important to enhancing trust.   As we know from our own experience, and as illustrated by Stephen Covey, Jr., enhanced trust elevates endorsement and expedites action.

Process-Driven Practice:  Optimization in 4 Critical Areas of Your Business

Once you’ve clarified your vision and established your support network, it is time to focus on four critical areas of your business.  I call these four critical areas The Four Pillars of Success for Financial Advisors.

You will want use your own experience and your support network to develop and consistently reinforce the four pillars of your business to align with your vision.

Keeping the focus on ‘business’ and thus ‘profit’ I describe the pillars and their corresponding objectives below.

  • Business Management –Establish a practice that runs like a profitable business – efficient, effective, and productive.
  • New Client/Asset Acquisition – Grow your business and increase profit through strategic and disciplined activities to attract your ideal clientele.
  • Investment Strategy/Inventory of Solutions –Optimize your expertise, streamline your investment strategy and solutions, and get paid what your worth.
  • Service and Retention – Enhance the loyalty and profitability of your current client relationships by earning all of their business and their endorsement through exemplary care and service.

Not to worry if this seems a bit daunting — or you are unsure of how to get started or how to progress from where you are.   I’ve worked with thousands of advisors in various stages of their careers to strategically position their business for success.

Over time, and with significant experience, I’ve honed my Four Pillars of Success coaching program into a replicable, yet customizable process that is applicable to any type of advisor practice.

The program corresponds to the overview you’ve been provided here.

  1. We initiate the process with a comprehensive assessment of where you are now — which leads to the creation and clarification of your vision for success.
  2. We incorporate the development of professional, productive relationships as the foundation for your success.
  3. We provide proprietary and customized resources to support optimization of the four pillars of your business — to ensure your achievement of success.

If we’ve captured your interest, here are three ways to proceed:

  • Do you have questions?  Then email me a note and I will respond in kind within 24 business hours.

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