What Our Clients Say

One of my primary business beliefs is that my clients deserve confidentiality in every aspect of our work together.

I am most grateful for the kind insights and comments provided by my clients below – and in all integrity, I will NOT divulge their identities on my website.

Personal references are available on request.

  • Carol helped us recognize, coordinate and streamline the value we bring to people’s financial life.  Her coaching and positive energy at every session, pushed us to the next level individually and as a team in our business.  Steve – Wealth Management Team Leader
  • Our financial advisory group has relied on Carol’s coaching expertise for over 5 years and she’s become a vital part of our strategic execution. Her ability to gain an understanding of the objectives we’re working at any given time allows us to use her as an instrumental part of our team.  Mike – Senior Investment Consultant
  • I wanted to follow up from my last coaching session with you.  I wanted to drop this note of thanks.  I finished this last year as a personal best.  Not only do I have more millionaires in the pipeline than I ever had the new account openings have invigorated me with excitement.  I really appreciate the practice management advice in addition to the new business development that we originally started coaching for.  I feel my assistant and I are focused for the new year with the most positive attitude we have had together in a while.  Derek – Senior Vice President – Investments
  • Carol’s system is thorough and highly beneficial.  She is a gifted coach and effectively got us out of our comfort zones….without making us uncomfortable!  Our team emerged from our engagement with Carol more cohesive based on a deeper understanding of our individual strengths and desires.  Robert – Financial Advisor
  • Carol has been such a great help to myself and my team! She has an amazing ability to provide insight, direction and focus to areas in our business that we have previously struggled with. Every call we have had has resulted in more clarity. For anyone that is truly interested in bringing more definition to their practice, we would highly recommend utilizing her services! CK – Financial Advisor
  • I appreciate the feedback that I consistently receive from Carol as I tweak my goals and present new thoughts and ideas on where I am heading in my career.  Carol is positive and encouraging, and I love the time we have together.  Anne – Attorney
  • Great guidance and sensitivity in helping us reach our goals. Carol adds value not only through her pure coaching ability, but also by educating us and initiating me with the “Go” System.  She is available to talk about tertiary issues that impact the attainment of our goals … personal and professional goals.  Way to go Carol… Thanks for your help.  Howard – Senior Vice President – Investments
  • Outstanding.  Wonderful job in helping our new advisor with his business plan.  Now working on succession planning for our senior advisor and senior assistant.  She is absolutely wonderful.  Efficient.  Knowledgeable and a wonderful person to work with.  Linda – Senior Support Staff
  • Thank you for everything.  I have never had the luxury of working with someone of your skillset at any other firm.  Keith – Senior Vice President
  • Carol Moser’s Program is one of the most influential factors in our success. Thanks to the template for a team business plan, we have the first plan in 24 years that is organized, measurable & meaningful. We live by it. Thanks to the structure the program created for our team, we were able to increase our revenue by 50% in the first three years of our team’s existence. Even more importantly, we have an opportunity to double our revenue in four years. More important than our financial success is the increased level of service we are able to provide our clients. Our team functions as one – we work together in servicing our clients big or small. There is no division of labor by seniority or production.  Dana – Senior Vice President
  • In a field rife with disappointment and failed teams, learning from successful pioneering teams has paid big dividends thus far. To foster development of teams that respect the challenges of different personality types, different skill sets and different motivations requires a deft touch. Carol Moser challenges individuals to get to know themselves, and how they relate to others. I have personally benefitted from a greater understanding of my own strengths and challenges, and an awakening of the power of the team in delivering well rounded thoughtful advice to our clients.  Tom – Senior Vice President



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