Process-Driven Practice

Run Your Practice Like A Business With A Comprehensive, Executable Plan.

At the core of a comprehensive, executable plan is development of a Process-Driven Practice — your focus on optimization of 4 critical areas of your business.

Once you’ve clarified your vision and established your team and support network, it is time to focus on four critical areas of your business.  I call these four critical areas The Four Pillars of Success for professionals — and I’ve created specific programs focusing on these four pillars for Financial Advisors and for Attorneys.

You will want to incorporate your own experience and the additional insights of your team and support network to develop and consistently reinforce the four pillars of your business to align with your vision.

Keeping the focus on ‘business’ and thus ‘profit’ I describe the pillars and their corresponding objectives below.

  1. Business Management –Establish a practice that runs like a profitable business – efficient, effective, and productive.
  2. New Business Acquisition —  Grow your business and increase profit through strategic and disciplined activities to attract your ideal clientele.
  3. Consistently Enhance Expertise – Continue to learn and master your area of expertise – and optimize that expertise to get paid what your worth.   For the majority of my clients the focus here is on mastery in the areas of wealth management, investment strategy, or specialized legal expertise.
  4. Service and Retention – Enhance the loyalty and profitability of your current client relationships by earning all of their business, and their endorsement through exemplary care and service.

The Synergy Success Formula for Financial Advisors.


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