Productive Teamwork

Establish Your Team Code of Conduct to Get People Pulling  In the Same Direction.

The second essential component of the Synergy Success Formula is Productive Teamwork.  Focus on  productive, pleasant and professional relationships to achieve exponentially greater success together than you could alone.

Your priority here is to develop and nurture your support network.  Recognize that none of us really, truly succeeds alone.  Therefore, it is imperative that you establish a foundation of strong relationships with anyone who directly impacts your business.

Your ability to foster clear, candid communication and a collaborative spirit with your firm, your work group or team, your colleagues, and your strategic partners is especially important to enhancing trust.   As we know from our own experience, and as illustrated by Stephen Covey, Jr., enhanced trust elevates endorsement and expedites action.

A key outcome of our focus on teamwork will be the Team Code of Conduct – an agreed upon code for how your team communicates, manages conflict, and works together productively,

The Synergy Success Formula for Financial Advisors.




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