Our Process

Synergy Fuel Coaching & Consulting Process

Our Respective Roles

Our work together will involve a collaborative partnership with specific roles for each of us.

As your coach, I provide a discovery framework to help you focus your efforts, identify and overcome obstacles, and establish next steps to achieving your desired results.  As a consultant, I provide targeted recommendations and resources based on my prior experience and expertise. Please note:  I am your coach and consultant, not your trainer or therapist.

As the client, you are expected to set the agenda for each session – and you are responsible for your commitments to actions and outcomes.  In the absence of an agenda, we will continue work in progress, or revisit the engagement objectives to identify our next area of focus.

Our Process

  1. The engagement begins with a signed coaching agreement.
  2. The next step is completion of appropriate assessments to lay the foundation for our work together.
  3. Our initial complimentary conference call will establish your goals, challenges, and objectives for the coaching engagement.
  4. We will meet via phone for the agreed upon number of  sessions.
  5. You will be provided a “Coaching Prep Form” to organize your thoughts and identify the topics you wish to cover in each session.
  6. Additional laser coaching sessions (10 minutes or less) will be provided to you as needed, and at no additional cost when my schedule permits.  Coaching sessions lasting 15 minutes or longer are charged against your engagement, and prorated at the agreed upon fee.
  7. A brief summary of each session will be provided prior to our next meeting.
  8. I will provide access to any of my proprietary resources that are applicable to your specific situation.
  9. If appropriate, I will provide value-added services* and customized resources* for you at no additional cost.  These services and resources are typically time-intensive.  I expect and appreciate 1) your patience in my delivery; and 2) acceptance that generic, non-proprietary versions of the tools I develop for you will be added to the library of resources I provide my clientele.
  10. I will ask you to complete an evaluation at the conclusion of our work together.

 Typical Areas of Focus

As a result of coaching financial advisors, attorneys, and other business professionals for over a decade, I have a number of areas of expertise.  In particular, I have proprietary processes and resources, as well as over 20,000 hours of experience coaching and consulting on the following topics:

  1. Developing successful, sustainable business teams, work groups, and strategic partnerships
  2. Comprehensive business plan development
  3. Establishing a vision and goals
  4. Business/practice management strategy and implementation
  5. Marketing strategy and implementation
  6. Referral strategy and implementation
  7. Service strategy and implementation
  8. Succession planning and implementation
  9. Compensation negotiation (professionals and staff)
  10. Leadership success
  11. Career management
  12. Improving productivity
  13. Achieving effective balance between personal and professional realms

* Examples of Value-Added Services and Customized Resources include, but are not limited to: practice profile analysis and recommendations, customized templates and processes, business plan documentation, strategic plans, succession plans, marketing collateral reviews and compensation worksheets.


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